Framed Legacy


"I chose a darkened corner on the back streets of Jerusalem to be the backdrop of this painting.  Our Savior kneels down in the dirt and reaches out to touch the head of a downcast and humbled sinner who is asking for forgiveness. My original plan was for this scene to take place among the bustling crowds of an open market, but as I dwelt on the idea of forgiveness, I wanted to portray the fact that it is personal and sacred, between me and the Lord.  I say "between ME and the Lord", because in this context, that is the only type that should matter to me. Between YOU and the Lord, between HIM and the Lord or between HER and the Lord, is really none of my business. My own standing before the Lord is of the upmost importance. For this reason, I chose to include only two people in this painting. Me... and the Lord. Some people may not know this, but I myself am the model for most of the bodies and clothes you see in my paintings. In this particular piece, I also chose to be the model for the face of the sinner." - Brent Borup