His Hands

Brent and Jeanette Borup


"HIS HANDS" by Brent and Jeanette Borup

"This painting is very special to me for a couple of different reasons. When my now teenaged daughter was four years old, I first had the idea to paint her sitting of the lap of our Savior, very innocently asking Him about the wounds in His hands. We had a little photo shoot at the time, but I never found the time to paint it. More than 13 years later, I finally began the actual painting, but I could not have finished without the help of my wife. Many people do not know that my wife Jeanette helps me out quite often with my artwork. We met in art class in college and even worked on assignments together. Although I planned and began this painting, most of the paint strokes you see came from Jeanette's hand. I think we make a great team." - Brent Borup